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Premium cheese with a light yellow color, rich in protein with a pleasant taste. It is made from cow and sheep milk.


The oldest cheese of all. The mentor of the new cheese production it is a little salty, sharp but always has a pleasant taste. Served alone or best accompanied with fruit and wine. It is made from 100% goat milk or from goat and sheep milk combined.


A traditional Ios product, which is made from whey. It has a sweet and refreshing taste and has low calories, the perfect cheese for a balanced diet. Goes great with honey and nuts, and it is found in many Greek traditional pastries.


The most recognizable product of our island. Recipe passed from father to son, many years ago until today. It has a lightly piquant taste because of mixing myzithra with kefalotyri, milk and different herbs. The special flavor is given from the local herb throubi (wild thyme/savory).


This cheese is our all-time classic graviera with a twist; it has been smoked with natural means. The result is a cheese with a rich yellow color that perfectly combines its soft taste with a delicate smoked aroma.


A new special cheese from Ios. It is semi hard with mellow taste and full of flavor, as a result of mixing the three kinds of milk in its recipe. It is a great escort for red wine. Homers trilogy is made from cow, goat and sheep milk.


Soft cheese with minimum acid taste while also providing a pleasant and cool flavor. The locals had started this recipe years ago when they couldn’t find any other way to preserve their milk in the summertime. It’s considered an ideal companion to fresh salads. Xino is made from goat or sheep milk.

You will find our products in selected stores of the AB Vassilopoulos, Kritikos and Sklavenitis chains, as well as in all the updated delicatessen and grocery stores in your neighborhood.
niotiko tyrokomeio


Niotiko Cheese Factory is a standard cheese factory with high quality products. During the production process, local and pure sheep / goat and cow milk is used, which is produced by free range animals without removing its nutrients but also without the addition of preservatives or other substances.


Our love for traditional products and the production methods that we use, as well as our persistence in quality control and monitoring of every minor detail on each stage of the production process, have an outcome of superior quality products. Each and every one of our cheeses have achieved the upmost  flavors and scents of local earth, offering to the consumer the opportunity to travel through a path full of sensations and memories leading to Ios.


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