Our dairy plant was founded in 2007 with the initiative that came after the meetings between the farmers and the municipality with the collaboration of the ministry of rural development. It started with the purpose of keeping alive the primary sector of the island and to hold onto the culture and the love for traditional products while fulfilling all today’s needs.

Since 2012 with the only purpose to upgrade the dairy plant, the business changed hands from the Municipality to private management and was named “NIOTIKO Dairy Plant” bringing a big upgrade to the plant in a way that the quality and the production were improved.

The plant is situated in a unique spot being near to the farmers in the area Diaselia.

It’s a standard plant that uses in its production only local and pure goat, sheep and cow milk that is produced by free range animals. Furthermore it is highly important to know that in our products there is no subtraction of the nutrition and no added preservatives or other substances.

tyrokomeio iou niotiko

Our love for traditional products and the production methods that we use, as well as our persistence in quality control and monitoring of every minor detail on each stage of the production process, have an outcome of superior quality products. Each and every one of our cheeses have achieved the upmost  flavors and scents of local earth, offering to the consumer the opportunity to travel through a path full of sensations and memories leading to Ios.


In 2019 the dairy plant was nationally awarded from the famous Greek magazine GASTRONOMOS for its whole appearance in the cheese production scene and is one of the first members of Aegean Cuisine. Other awards are:

Pan European distinction (Madrid 2010).
Golden Award for Quality (Thessaloniki 2008).
Tasting Awards from the best chefs.


The unit meets all sanitary requirements (ISO 22000/05).